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        • Detail

        Planning and selection of PDU socket products

        In many computer room bidding, PDU, cabinet and other equipment are not listed separately, and PDU parameters are also very unclear, even some

        Just mark the power strip, which will cause great trouble to the later work: unable to match with other equipment, non-standard distribution, serious budget

        The main reason for this phenomenon is that both parties are not clear about how to mark the requirement of PDU? Here is a simple method:

        1) The circuit power of the distribution branch of the column head cabinet + safety margin = the total power of PDU on this line;

        2) The number of devices in a cabinet + safety margin = the number of sockets of all PDUs in the cabinet. If there are dual redundant lines, the number of PDUs should be doubled with the parameters

        3) The high-power equipment should be dispersed in different PDUs to balance the current of each phase;

        4) The hole type of PDU can be customized based on the device plug which can not be separated from the power line. Once the plug of the device that can be separated from the power line is not compatible, it can be adopted

        Replace the power cord to solve the problem;

        5) The density of equipment in the cabinet is high. It is appropriate for PDU to be vertically installed with multiple jacks, while the density of equipment in the cabinet is low. It is appropriate to select a few jacks for horizontal installation of PDU. Finally, PDU should be provided

        Separate quotation budget to avoid serious budget shortage.

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